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Home Inspection Plus

KC Enterprises FL offers full home inspection services for anyone SELLING or BUYING a NEW or pre-existing home. We inspect for first time home buyers and seasoned property investors. We offer home & building inspection packages and stand alone inspection services. The Plus Package includes: roof, attic, exterior, interior, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, primary appliances, thermal Imaging, wind mitigation, and 4 point. The Plus Package for properties 1,000 sqft or less starts at $335.

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Home Inspection Basic

KC Enterprises FL offers full home inspection services for anyone SELLING or BUYING a NEW or pre-existing home. We inspect for first time home buyers and seasoned property investors. We offer inspection packages and stand alone inspection services. The Home Inspection basic is a full home inspection like the Plus Package. However, the Basic does not include the 4 point, wind mitigation, or thermal scan. The Home Inspection Basic includes: roof, attic, exterior, interior, plumbing, electrical, HVAC and primary appliances. Home Inspection Basic for properties 1,000 sqft or less starts at $260.

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Insurance Inspections

KC Enterprises FL offers multiple insurance inspections options. Roof Condition Certificates, Wind Mitigation, 4 Points, Proof of repairs, claims assistance and other insurance inspections are available. 

Standalone Insurance Inspections start at $100. Insurance inspection packages start at $165.

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Wind Mitigation Inspection

Want to make sure your home is Hurricane Prepared? Need to save on Insurance? Look no further than KC Enterprises FL to make sure your home is ready! Standalone Wind Mitigation Inspections start at $110

4 Point Inspection

KC Enterprises FL provides professional reports & certified inspection expertise for all 4 point inspections. We will inspect the primary systems – Roof, Electrical, Plumbing & HVAC. Standalone 4Point Inspections start at $110

Roof Condition Certificate

Does your roof need a visual check up? Are you considering new insurance coverage? We can provide a certified condition inspection that most carriers require. Standalone Roof Condition Inspections start at $100.

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Crawlspace Inspection

Properties with a crawlspace below the foundation have a $55 charge. KC Enterprises FL will inspect all crawlspace areas during the full home inspection. 

Additional Structures

Additional structures can be added to the full home inspections at the request of the client. The fee is $150 per an additional structure.

Large, Multiple, or Commercial Building Inspections

Please contact us for an inspection quote on buildings over 5,000 SqFt, properties with multiple buildings, and commercial inspections.

New Construction Phase Inspections

Newly constructed homes should have 3 different phase inspections. Phase inspections make sure the home's interior and usually hidden systems are in top shape. KC Enterprises FL conducts inspections before the slab is poured (phase 1), before the drywall is hung (phase 2), and a final home inspection (phase 3). Contact us today to discuss your new home build and phase inspections!

Pool Inspections

We perform pool & spa inspections for in-ground or above ground pools & spas. This inspection includes safety features of the pool, above ground – pumps, electrical and plumbing. Standalone Pool Inspections start at $200, add on to a full home inspection for $160.

Wood Destroying Organisms Inspection (WDO/Termite)

We use a 3rd party vendor to conduct a separate inspection & report for wood destroying organisms (termites). WDO Inspections are usually $100-$200 depending on the property details. Call to have you WDO Inspection scheduled the same day as the full home inspection!

Thermal Imaging Inspection

We use infrared cameras and thermal imaging on all Home Inspection Plus Packages. Please call for a standalone thermal inspection.

Yearly Maintenance Inspections

Did you know 4 point inspections and home inspections are only good for 1 year? Keep your home in tip-top shape by having a yearly home inspection completed. KC Enterprises FL offers a yearly home inspection to make sure there are no major defects with your home. Call today to discuss yearly maintenance inspection options!

Pre & Post Storm Inspections

Pre & Post Storm Inspections start at $100. Call for details.

Fast Response Time

Inspection Reports are provided within 24 hours of the inspection!

Additional Services

If you do not see an inspection service you are seeking, please contact KC Enterprises FL Inc to discuss all of your inspection needs. We can assist with all types of home inspection or building inspection services. 

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