Purchasing a new home or property may be one of the biggest – and potentially one of the most stressful – transactions you'll ever make.

At KC Enterprises FL Inc., we get it. That's why our certified inspectors work to relieve some of the home-buying stress by providing you with the most professional and comprehensive inspections.

Oftentimes, we experience homebuyers falling in love with a home based on aesthetics and particular features. As a result, they may fail to see structural or mechanical issues. Our certified inspectors uncover and assess underlying or hidden problems providing you a clearer picture on a property’s condition.

Plus, at KC Enterprises, we adhere to – and often exceed – the standards of practice set forth by the state of Florida as well as those of InterNachi (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors). We provide you an easy-to-read report delivered quickly, guiding buyers through the property and highlighting any trouble spots.

KC Enterprises FL provides all types of inspection services including building, roof, plumbing, pool, thermal imaging, insurance, four-point , wind mitigation as well as property and commercial inspections.

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